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Orthopζdics and Rehabilitation
Yale Physicians Building
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James J. Yue, MD

Dr. James Yue.

James, J. Yue, M.D.
Yale University
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
800 Howard Avenue
New Haven, CT

spine image.The Comprehensive Treatment of the Aging Spine


Co-Director, Yale Orthopaedic Spine, Director Yale Spine Fellowship
Endoscopic Spine Surgery • Spinal Fractures • Injury • Spinal Stenosis • Disc Herniations • Spine Tumors • Sciatica • Lumbar and Cervical Disc replacement • X-Stop • Endoscopic Spine Surgery • I-O Flex Baxano


Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Surgery Television Report

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Clinical Trials

disk replacement.disk replacement.


  • Prodisc Artificial Disc Replacement
    ProDisc Lumbar and Cervical Surgery
    Dr. Yue was first surgeon in New England to implant ProDisc implant in 2002 He has published numerous articles and lectured extensively on ProDisc surgery.
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgery
    "The Surgical Treatment of Single Level Multi-Focal Subarticular and Paracentral and/or Far-Lateral Lumbar Disc Herniations: The Single Incision Full Endoscopic Approach" IJSS, Vol 9, 2014.

Prodisc Artificial Disc Replacement

Director, Center for Motion Preserving Spine Surgery & Studies


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Televised reports on Prodisc Surgery with Dr. Yue, streaming videoclips:
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Televised reports on spine surgery with Dr. Yue, streaming videoclips:
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